What use is plexiglass suitable for?

March 23, 2021

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Plexiglas, English abbreviation for PMMA. It is widely used in industry, mainly because of its low density, light weight and ease of processing. Perspex doesn't break into sharp edges, which makes it popular with automakers. If plexiglass is used for automobile window glass, the probability of injury in automobile accident will be greatly reduced. In the display rack industry, plexiglass (commonly known as acrylic/Agali) is also a common raw material for the manufacture of plexiglass display racks. Mainly because of the high transparency of the display rack and good color display.



There are about two kinds of plexiglass display rack processing plants on the market: batch processing plants and design factories. The former depends on quantity, while the latter wins through design and customization.



What industries are plexiglass display shelves used in?


In cosmetics, personal care products, electronic and digital products, precious jewelry, wine and other industries, plexiglass display shelves are very popular.


First, the 92% transmittance of the plexiglass display stand is clear and transparent enough to convey the pure feeling to consumers and set off noble products.


Second, as a product of modern industry, plexiglass itself has the fashion elements belonging to technology and the future, and is the best choice of electronic products.


Third, the perspex shelf is very durable and can be used for 5-10 years even outdoors. Fourth, its unit price is slightly more expensive than ordinary wood and metal materials. Most of the display racks in these industries choose the desktop style, which is small and delicate, and the cost is not too high. Of course, Perspex is also used for display shelves in other industries, but it is mainly used as local accessories.

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