Car display surface treatment: AG | AR | AF

April 18, 2022

Latest company news about Car display surface treatment: AG | AR | AF

Integration and intelligence are the development trend of automobile display in the future. With the deepening integration of Internet technology and automobile technology, appropriate automobile display will bring more and more convenient functions and experience to drivers and passengers. More and more new technologies such as head-up display, 3D touch and human-computer interaction are integrated into the display screen, making driving and entertainment experience better for users.


In addition to the advantages of high brightness, low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance, high resolution, high-performance vehicle display screen is very important: so many high-gloss surfaces in the car, how to avoid reflection, scratching, etc., does not affect the normal driving of the driver.


In order to achieve the optimal effect of vehicle display, in addition to the interior design need to pay special attention to, screen surface treatment is essential. With the popularity of on-board display, AG, AR, AF these three commonly used processes are being valued by the majority of manufacturers.